Member Benefits

We invite you to join with other dedicated health care providers excited about offering scientifically-based care for our patients. Help us ensure that your rights are upheld by completing a Membership Application today.

A North Carolina Integrative Medical Society Membership provides the following valuable services plus much more!

  • An occasion for health professionals to join with other innovative physicians practicing advanced forms of medicine to become leaders in changing the paradigm of medicine in North Carolina.  To quote the only dissenting state Supreme Court Justice in the George Guess, M.D’s case, “It’s a good thing penicillin wasn’t discovered in North Carolina.” Dr. Guess is a NC medical physician whose license was revoked for practicing homeopathy. Vaccination sprung from the practice of Homeopathy.
  • A valuable educational opportunity for Continuing Medical Education as well as access to the latest scientific studies stored in our contributor’s library.
  • A resource to assist physicians become legally astute to protect themselves against being singled out just because they choose to practice and offer an alternative healthcare option to patients.
  • A forum to connect colleagues, share research, and encourage and support each other to pursue the highest quality of healthcare.
  • A public resource on issues such as environmental toxicity, nutrition, hormone imbalances, autism, chronic fatigue and conditions that difficult to diagnose or that conventional treatment has failed.
  • An environment to begin to standardize the different methods of practice among the various types of non-conventional practitioners.