THE NORTH CAROLINA INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL SOCIETY welcomes health care practitioners to join NCIMS to promote safe and effective patient-centered healthcare. The primary goal of NC Integrative Medicine Society is to provide continuing medical education and to protect the patient-practitioner relationship by impacting the political, legislative, and regulation of the practice of medicine.

The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society believes that the combined knowledge of mainstream medical practices and alternative medicine is ultimately superior to a single-model approach to health and wellness. We think this integrated approach will ultimately lead to safer, faster, more affordable, and more effective healthcare by augmenting the body’s natural healing potential to enable a person to experience his or her optimal health and wellness.

Join us for NCIMS Grand Rounds! 

August 20, 2016
10 AM- 2 PM

Hotel Indigo – Asheville, NC

Free for members of NCIMS!  All you have to do is complete the registration form.


Coffee and Lunch will be provided.