The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society invites health care practitioners to join NCIMS in promoting safe and effective patient-centered health care. When our genes and our environment interact with poor lifestyle habits, chronic disease often results.  Our current health care system is poorly equipped to deal with this global epidemic.  A functional/integrative approach can address these complex issues and restore wellness in a way that drugs and surgery often cannot.

Our mission is to support health care providers who work in partnership with their patients to address the root causes of health conditions in order to alleviate symptoms, decrease the risk of future chronic disease, and restore wellness.

NCIMS is a community of like-minded providers who share knowledge, experience, and best practices to support the practice of Integrative/Functional Medicine in the Carolinas.

Please join us as we work together to help shape the future of medicine!

Job Board

Looking to hire in your practice? Looking for a new job? E-mail us the details and we will post on our new Job Board. Postings are free for NCIMS members, and $50 for a 60-day posting for non-members. Contact info@ncims.com for more information.